Friday, January 6, 2017

a liitke more light please

lord what am I 
but your spirit here 
seeking to express in words
the inexpressible light that lives 
hidden here in layers of illusion and fear

and sometimes we can reache to touch 
some higher perception that appears 
some realm of infinite consciousness 
where the cosmic picture becomes clear 

does it entice 
does it seduce 
does this mystic dance 
entrance us to find

what is our true purpose 
what way can we define the undefined 
and still not be distracted 
to fulfill our work here
in our given space and time

there seems to be so much to do
to make this world a better place
there is this exquisite beauty 
and the people who live here  in misery

and do the hard times we experience 
bring us closer to the truth
does the mercy of the Holy Mother 
help us to turn to you

bring us your clear light lord
unveil the illusions that blind 
so we can be led out of darkness 
and help to serve our fellow humankind

in this world of contrasts
in this limited time and space 
there is so much work to be done  
to help save the human race

so bring us a little more light God 
and we always can use some more love
help us to build that bridge
from Heaven to earth below