Saturday, January 7, 2017

talk to God

lord am I talking to myself
 when I try talk to you
do I really know what door to find
to open up my heart and speak the truth 

i commit myself to communicate 
what's there in the heart of me to you
and to be able to really listen and hear 
what you would want me to do

how many layers of this mind 
are hidden with distractions 
 so that I'm blinded and can't see
what I need to really do 
to truly serve  and fulfill my destiny 

lord let me hear your voice
speak to my heart and soul
let my find the time to be guided 
and focus on which way to go

let me hold that compass
that set my course so true
that leads me to your doorway
so I may speak to you

for the voice of the master
is alive in that presence so divine
it holds the power to clear away
the cobwebs of the mind

holy is the spirit
that the Mother brings to me
that holds the eternal light
of that presence of such pure being 

speak to me lord and master
and let me have the ears to hear
the messages that whisper 
and open the doorway to find 
your eternal living presence here