Monday, January 9, 2017

accepting accepance

I accept the grace of acceptance
and all of who and what I am
in the path in life I lead
there are good and tough things that I see

I pray to learn to love myself 
and whatever it takes to just be
present in this now moment
aware of power of God deep inside of me

accepting  acceptance is not resignation 
it is a gift that understanding brings
allowing all of who I am 
to be happy in life's greater plan 

I ask for no apologies 
I release any guilt and fear
I am who I am and won't judge myself 
for what I do and how I appear 

I see the good in me
so I may see the good in others too
for we reflect in life
the things we need to learn to do 

dear Father and  Mother God
help me to have the strength to be 
confident in myself and happy to accomplish
 what that may encompass so I can be free

I know I am ready to accept myself
so I can better participate 
in whatever comes my way
and I choose to use the tools of love today

thank you God for showing me the way
to not judge myself or my fellow humans
to accept with a little more love and kindness 
the path of goodwill that leads to a higher plan