Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the true force

nothing can hold you back
but your own choice 
all of the light of the universe is present 
waiting for you to see and choose 

why not open your heart and mind
to the unlimited possibilities 
to create the life you want
 and set your soul free

there is a radiant life
just waiting to be embraced
with the love of the Father and the Mother
you can find the Christ's  true face

it is a living light
that can become your guide
it is a power there within
that is the eternal flame of life Divine 

holy is the miracle 
of this gift of Creations fire
that can enlighten humanity 
if we are open to be inspired 

breathe in the presence of Spirits force 
fthat truth without beginning or end
that opens the door to the universe 
and the unifying energy there within 

nothing is no thing
and beyond the things we know
there is a mystic fire
alive eternally in our soul

no thing can hold you back
it's up to you to choose 
what is your true purpose 
for what is there to lose