Monday, January 16, 2017

with God all things are possible

Father of creation 

Mother so divine 

with you all things are possible 

we call upon your brilliant light 

let us trust in you lord

so we can trust in ourselves 

so we may learn not to worry so

to have faith that things will be alright

we do the best we can

we work to do what's right

and sometimes we will find 

whatever happens happens

but we can find the strength to survive 

in each very moment

 we can choose to stop and  see

with you all things are possible 

if we believe with every breath we breathe

so I let go of any worry

I let go of whatever limits me

I open up my mind to find

to a higher way to be

lord with you all things are possible 

and miracles do appear 

so I stop myself  from worrying 

and I turn to God when fear appears 

I allow the light to brighten

the view of life i see

and look for a positive outcome 

when times seem hard 

i pray for faith to have the strength to believe