Wednesday, January 18, 2017


in the whole of the realms of being 
we each have our unique part
each with some role in reflecting
the complete  love of the creators heart

Father of the one light , mother so divine
smile that knowing smile
unlock in us power to understand 
the mysteries to find the undefined 

for together all the ones of light
can shine such a brilliant energy forth
that in time we can transform the earth 
and a new paradise will be birthed 

there is this enlightened energy
that is awakening a higher state of mind
there are the seekers and the teachers
and the humanitarians all combined 

with prayers and meditation 
we each can do our part
to bring more love and kindness forth 
and let go of egos control on earth

we each can make a difference 
we each can play a role
to build a better life
for the next generation to know