Saturday, January 21, 2017

women of the world

women of the world 

the time has come to unite

and free the chains that have held us

and stand up for what is right

yes women now are gathering 

and speaking out to be heard 

let our voices bring some harmony

to this divided world

yes there is an anger

at all the wrongs that have been done 

but our true power is found in love

to change this world we must be strong 

women of the world 

we set our standard high

it's not in negative ways 

 with inspiration we plant the seeds of light

we hope for change and a better chance

to be who we want to be

we stand strong and carry on

and join as one to fulfill our destiny 

women of the world we stand as one

and we know the path to take 

for the divine feminine is awakened 

and there's a better world we can make