Sunday, January 22, 2017

Judge not

and the Lord said,

Judge not, that ye be not judged

lord with the gaze of your loving eyes

I see the path to paradise 

that seed of love planted in  each soul

and the way let all imitations go

help me lord not to judge others

for I wish not to be judged that's true

I know by judging others

I see negative things not the good as you do 

and as I judge others

 I know I'm letting the ego rule

for the bad I see in others 

comes from what I see inside me too

let me see the good that lives

within others hearts and souls

let me see the good in me

and love myself so the good will grow 

for if we feed the positive energy 

that lives within everyone

we feed the power God does give

that feeds us with love for our fellow men

Mother Mary let me see the world with loving eyes 

the potential that's Alive in everything 

let the grace of your divine mercy

guide our hearts and our minds and free us