Monday, January 23, 2017



may I find Happiness

 in the simple things in life

that you provide for all here

the beauty of a sunrise

the power of the wind

the rain that washed away the tears

the laughter of the children here

your grace I find which releases fear

may I clear away any blocks I have 

 that have closed me off from love

for loves your greatest gift 

and the past is past 

and I can call upon your holy dove 

may I find the blessings of life 

in the moment that find

that happiness cannot be captured 

it is present in a peaceful state of mind

all of the riches of the world

all the accolades that power bring

can not take the place of true happiness 

which comes from simple things

I know  this life is fleeting 

may I stop and find the time

to appreciate my loved ones 

and show gratitude for the blessings that I find

For happiness comes in many ways

and sometimes we don't even know

that what can make us happy

is right there in your presence within our soul