Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Heart of Gods Love

may I be in tune with my soul

and feel my heart becoming healed and whole

awakening as i awaken to find 

 to the shining light that i am inside

may I be in tune with the soul of the world 

and the infinite light of God that resides 

in the harmony with  Creations manifestation 

vibrating throughout the sounds of life 

where all the worlds energy collides 

the energy that is feeding all life

ebbs and flows with each  breath 

it is a nightlight that shines through the darkness 

it is the sun that gives us our daily bread

In the silence my heart is listening

as I merge with the light of God's  love

I feel it throughout my very being

 the I am that I am of the world I know

I hold the feather given

by the grace of the Holy Dove

I free the ties that bind me

as I open my heart to love

may I be in tune with all Creation 

may I be aligned with Gods goodness and grow

into a mirror that reflects 

of the one universal soul