Wednesday, January 25, 2017

overcoming ego

I open my mind to believe 

in the miracle of miracles 

that power of love alive in me

I embrace my life with confidence 

I ask for the good God is to be

guiding and directing my way

and I release all negativity 

I breath in the prayer of untying 

any binds that have limited me

I know the Holy Mother's grace

is right there to help protect and set me free

the ego works in the darkness

in the fears within our insecurities 

in ways that yield up falseness 

from the truth that we really need

I let go of the power darkness 

I let go of the ties that bind

I let go of any negativity 

that the ego controls in my mind

I call upon the angels

and the guardians that standby

I call upon the forces of Good

and God's Will to get by

and I believe with my heart and soul

That I will not be controlled Ego

with the Father and Mothers guidance 

I can find loves path to follow