Thursday, January 26, 2017


lord you are here in my heart and I know

everything just is as it is 

i accept this moment 

I welcome all that I encounter

I realize that I have the power
to be alive and embrace whatever
is present for me here and now 
to live fearlessly and face myself 
to stand in the light of day

and drink in the suns breath 

and the light of the sky

and with all of life's energy present 
i know I will survive 

to smile with that knowing wisdom 

those time lines that so adorn my face

I can know longer hide

for these lines that map my journey 

will not fade away
as hard as I might try 

all I can do is face this face

the sun, the moon the stars

and welcome what appears 
To experience life without fear

This mirror of the miracles
of God appearing here

and observe the strange way I have

of changing the arranging 

of living in this body that I have 

and with each breath of Spirit

welcome this Creation 

into my life and pray

that I may embrace this moment 

and welcome all it brings my way