Friday, January 27, 2017

may i cherish your love

lord can I merge with your redeeming love

can I be one of the flowers in the garden 

a blossom whose bliss of being is enough 

a part of creation that reflects to heaven above

may I merge with your Holy light

that one bright vision of the source 

that understands just why

we are here on Earth and we live and die

to merge with you again in heavens infinite sky

lord let me breathe in the Spirits Fire

the energy that brings the  one desire

to love your truth thats so inspiring

this sharing of existence in its entirety 

let me cherish each and every day

this chance to live with love today

and when I lose my way

may I remember to call upon your saving grace

I thank you for miracles you bring

and all the countless blessings that we can see 

and in the Father and the Mothers name

I offer my heart in service today