Thursday, February 16, 2017

each day

amidst the rubble of life's illusion 
these drops of rain do fall
to unveil glistening pearls of light
reflecting glimmers of such beauty 
with dreams and breaths of hope

I hear the hearts deep calling
and the secret prayers of the soul
which whisper in the moment 
of the Mothers mercy for us all

is there just one answer
is there just one key
to open up your door lord 
and find that inner peace

are we here to celebrate you 
or too find a way to overcome 
this spinning wheel of karma that teaches 
that time and dharma bring to everyone

and in the silence I hear the promise 
and the promise I find the faith
and with the Masters Guidance 
I find the courage I need each day

to face the drama and illusion 
to rise up to the truth and try again
to live with love a little more kindness 
and find that peace I need within