Wednesday, February 15, 2017

birthday poem

here's my Birthday poem

 flung across the universe
on an infinite beam of light
dancing with the rhythm of the heart beat
of the pulse of humanity's cry

I am here in this precious presence 
of my souls sacred call
searching for the love it takes
to receive God's gift to us all

I Remember my birth
I am a remnant of the echoes still
of that song the one word that we heard 
that created this flesh and spirit merged 

and now the Holy Dove has emerged
to be held with the tender Love
that holds the power of Mystic Mother
 with the promise of our true worth
She blesses all life and each birth 
and with every soul there is this promise of life
with each prayer there is a miracle heard
 by the lord the silent hope that Is served 

and He smiles at a distance 
and we sometimes can wave
and say Hi to the Creators existence 
and be inspired to play the game

yes all the Good and Wise ones
that have journeyed this way
have offered themselves to serve love
and send their blessings forth every day

we are all on this long path
that was birthed of the Mothers love 
the children of God all gathered under
the moon and the sun and heaven above

breathing this spirit and calling His Name
til we are redeemed once again
to worship all the misery and glory of life 
and Gods amazing grace 
the darkness and light combined 
in this moment in time and space