Tuesday, February 14, 2017

love lettet to the Lord

there is a fountain of overflowing blessings 

that pours from the Garden of Gods love 

if we open our hearts to find it

we can drink that nectar from Holy Spirits Dove 

lord you gave me this life

and the strength to face each day

to find the power to overcome all doubts

i live in eternal gratitude for showing me way

let me see your light of Loving kindness 

in the daily work let your give to teach 

grant me the insight to transform my life

to walk on the path of truth I need 

for you pick me up when I fall

and when I falter and lose my way

your always right there with your angels 

and Mother Mary's guide me everyday 

you lead me to your secret Garden 

when I am tired and so weary

and I feel your presence like a rocket 

your love as my true sanctuary 

your always at the doorway when I knock 

so let me share your words

let me find the time to pray 

and thank you lord for being there

as my savior and teacher of the way