Wednesday, February 1, 2017

you are a precious Flowr

behold the kingdom of heaven

with such magnificence for you to know 

it is a gift of love thats shown

in the flowers where such beauty grows

behold the vision of the Holy Rose 

with the blossoms so fragile to hold

 nourished by the naked innocence 

of Spirits breath such perfection it does show

fed by the light eternal 

under the sun and stars 

a gift so perfect and beautiful 

that reflects our inner heart

behold the Garden of the Lord 

where you can come and see

that you are a flower in the Garden

and your love holds the secret key 

surround yourself with this beauty 

let your soul be fed by Gods light

open the gate to the Garden 

and let it bless your life 

you are a flower so precious 

your heart holds that secret key

let the holy Mother bless you

so you can share your love and be seen