Monday, March 27, 2017

a cosmic prayer

I am a particle of Gods Spirit

 the reflection of the mirror 

that time and light create

an atom thats a miracle that speaks 

a cosmic prayer that lives in me

a vision of Creations mystic face I see 

and in the merging of God and humans

we always have the choice

of what we role we want to be 

what piece of this life's puzzle 

that can achieve our secret dreams 

and we smile and try to observe 

what part we have that can serve

the Masters of the higher plan 

and That path we travel on to understand 

and when we stop and pray

and talk to God each day

we can receive those little life's clues

that guide us on what to do


we can take the time to hear

that prayer that is our anthem here

and we hum and sing along 

to the Divine that lives in Gods hearts song