Wednesday, March 22, 2017


who is it that takes that breath of life
who is it that knocks upon the inner door 
who calls upon the Holy spirit 
and answer the whispers from the distant shore

how complete is your awakening 
when you hear the alarm clock sounds at dawn
do you welcome the coming day
that beckons you to whatever comes

and when you light that candle
and sit down to meditate 
can you touch the hem of the lords robe 
and welcome him into your heart when you pray 

remove all blocks and fears
and any judgement that appears
deny any of the egos lies
there so much more love for you to find here

and when you open up to your life
and ask to merge with that source of all light
and welcome the Spirits presence within 
you are in tune with the song of life's sacred hymn

and you can sing that song you hear
and light that torch to lead you there
into Gods presence so undefined 
and choose to love your gift of life