Friday, March 24, 2017

unspoken words

listen to the unspoken words

that the heart in secret holds

feel what beauty can be heard

in depths where hidden prayers occur

all of the souls promises

are remembered there inside

and when all the veils slip away 

there is so much that still asks why

and the slice of higher light can reach

through the darkness and be seen

to illuminate the moon and stars

and what life really means

far beyond the words that try

to touch a deeper place inside

spirit will reverberate with the echoes 

of Gods spirit that brings us insight

so we can behold the mysterious mirror 

that energy that shines across the universe 

to lead us on to see

these mystic glimpses of Eternity 

and I can only partially translate 

what it is I wish to say

and that is why each day I pray

For God to help and guide the way