Saturday, March 25, 2017

teach me to pray

Lord what words would you have me say

if I were to be your scribe today

what can I possibly convey

about your love as the saving way 

Teach me to pray as you pray

To communicate your Pure energy

And channel your light each day

awakening to Your love More Each day

lord tell me what you would have me say

give me the clear messages

and let me affirm that I am

able to share what is a reflection 

of the great I am that I am so I can

speak to you as my master and my confidant 

Lord you are my beloved 

that I wish to serve with love 

and I offer these words and my being

As a messenger of your teachings

thank you for this time and space

and the loving gift of your Holy embrace 

for the miracles of life you bring 

and the grace of the Divine Mothers blessings