Tuesday, March 14, 2017

from blossoms of creation

from no thing
every thing
pure spirit made manifest into  being 
from every atom of creation we are experiencing 
God in unlimited form we are seeing 

creating our life 
by living our dream 
each moment is a blossoming 
into one flower of loves precious feeling 

offered up to us 
to place upon the alter of the Master Teacher 
with the holy Mothers presence healing 
allowing this play of our dreams great needing 
until one day we awaken 
and open our eyes 
To god's vision and see
that pure spirit of God 
with each breath we take that can free us

and forgive each mistake we make
to lead us out of the darkness 
into the light of no thing that creates
everything we now forsake 

and all the chains that held us we can break
to find the freeing embrace 
of Holy Spirits sacred grace 
with that smile of love on God's faceless face