Thursday, March 16, 2017

God is right here waiting

what can you let go of

what can be released

do you know what your holding on to

that keeps you a prisoner of your old beliefs

can you inhabit emptiness

can you embrace the space 

of not needing the old crutches 

when you can now walk Away 

God is right here and now

in the spirit of each breath you take

and he will catch when you fall

and is present when your ready to awake

trust that when you choose

to let go of all you don't need

that you will find more ways to see

the gifts await you that you need 

it is here and it is now

God's great cosmic reality 

the face of the Christ's light dances

throughout all space through eternity 

and the Holy Mothers energy

merged with Spirit to find 

 a new way delivered forth for us

a rebirth of eternal light divine

let Go of all that holds you

from becoming what you want to be

God is right here waiting 

for you to choose to be free