Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gods Prayer

perhaps God already knows the answer 

to all of our wants and needs

and it's waiting there within our soul

With higher view for us to see 

there is a greater good that can happen 

that is behind every choice we make 

there are so many options and opportunities 

In each moment for us to use and take

if we in earnest pray 

we lay open our hearts for help today

and commune with God in a sacred way

We can transform our normal minds space

And get past our ego and pride

and reach that sacred place inside

where we can let go and let God abide

perhaps God is here right now

And We can choose to see

How to live as Gods prayer and be 

Able to love and see the way 

To go within and meditate and pray 

for his love and guidance every day 

for We are the children of his light

We are the love of his life

We are able to serve his will

And become his prayer and fulfill 

Our purpose there in our souls

Before we return back home