Thursday, March 2, 2017

just in time

in our very being
we recognize the gift of light
the presence of the Holy Spirit 
the promise of awakening to the call of life

just in time I hear the inner voice 
of the lord my patient teacher speak
let me listen as the echoes 
in my soul that it comes to reach

whith the grace of the Mothers embrace
miracles will come forth to occur
so we can share the blessings 
that are always present here 

just in time we find we are here to be 
in that state of mind
just in time God allows us to see
that we truly can find we are meant to find 

as Christ comes into our life we can receive  
the chalice of pure love pouring forth eternally
as we trust the process of the path 
we embrace His living prayer at last 

A servant of God's way of being
in the grace of this time and space 
and whatever happens in this life 
is part of the way I hold  the light