Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Embrace yourself

can you feel the embrace of the presence

can you hear the whispers of the soul

can you be aware of the distance 

that you must travel to reach your goal 

all the dreams of what might be

all of truth of your reality

come to be revealed 

And invite you to now be released 

can you ever meet your expectations 

is it possible to really see

that you are good enough right now

and what you are is More than what you need

so face the fear and judgements

you place upon your life 

let them all just disappear 

dissolved in the Love as the Master appears 

there is a redemption that will come

and the opportunities have already begun 

so let go of the old worn out ways 

and open the door to See God's face

the truth is staring into your eyes

and with a love from which you cannot hide

so accept all of who you are

and say yes to a life that is better by far