Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The bigger picture is 

higher then the mind can fly

farther still the universal eye

  1. free to travel beyond the earthly ties

to find the truth that within us lies 

we earth dwellers dream 

of what might be

in the farthest reaches of infinity 

 reflected here in you and me

heavens gates seem so far away 

yet they can be opened

to see within us when we pray

to recreate a higher way 

God's infinite creation 

is far beyond what we understand 

for we see only a small part

of what exists in realms that hold the plan

we get glimpses of the bigger picture to see

when we join together and meditate

and look within to let Gods will be

working through us to set us free

to bring more light into the world

to live with the love of the hymns we hear

to mirror the magic presence that lives 

in the secrets that the Master gives

and we each can do our part

when we live with kindness and a loving heart

and honor the Father and mother and awake 

to see the difference that we each can make