Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Letting Go

letting go of these old things

special times that used to be

letting go of holding on

to the illusions that I once came from 

boxes and bags to give away

to find a little lighter way

what I needed to pretend 

that I was more than what I am 

I am not the coverup 

I am not the makeup and all that stuff

I am what I am behind the mask

and the am is timeless past the past 

ever changing throughout this life

different stages at each point

of becoming this and being that

all trying to express a better path

the I am that I am 

is at the heart of my life

for in that open space 

I find the eternal light

and in letting go i find 

there is much more space 

to find what's important to face

and the power of amazing grace 

I thank the Lord and Mother Mary too 

for helping me to pry loose the past 

and free me from the chains of the past 

to help me find its Gods love that lasts