Thursday, April 6, 2017


Take all the crutches away

remove the safety net and pray

to have the courage every day

to trust in God to be with you today

holy Mother, Jesus Christ

let us see through the dark

and know the light will come at dawn

and we'll have the strength to carry on 

in time all the forms will fade away

but the Holy spirit will remain

these ashes are just ashes

 cosmic dust from infinities space

and we can celebrate the good in life

the love given and received with grace

as this breath does come and go 

a sign of life and our soul 

and we can be freed and awake

to the higher purpose that awaits 

and in time Gods energy will be redeemed 

and our life's true reasons will be revealed 

til then we can be connected each day

to a thread line of clues

 that come when we meditate and pray

and be ever grateful to those who point the way