Friday, April 7, 2017

Arise again

it is time to arise again

and be transformed anew

to let go of the past 

And find the power to be renewed

breathe in the light

of the brand new day

feel the regeneration that comes 

when you embrace the higher way

we all are on this journey 

 of life's long and winding path 

each of us with our burdens to carry

praying to be free at last

and we see the glimmer on the horizon 

we feel the stirrings in our soul

we hear the words that encourage 

Us to carry on to reach our goal

so we open our eyes to See

the Glory of the One

the promise given to us to become 

the messengers of the dawn 

each torch is lit to show the way 

each heart enlightened with golden rays

to inspire us with the greater purpose 

that Gods love gives to us each day