Saturday, April 8, 2017

God's  laughter 

would I be able to even capture 

the sound of Gods knowing Laughter

could I possibly reach and hold

the beauty of Holy Dove

can I possibly ever relate the grace 

that comes with power of inner faith

God's Word bring Spirit to matter

to Spark the power of the soul 

So we experience the presence and know

It's always best to let God be in control

to be fully alive in this moment 

free in the power of the unknown 

to touch the infinite light and behold

the Glory of the vision of the Son 

the God in you that enfolds 

this creation with His seeds of Iove to know

Divine Father And Mother I pray

to have your words reflect the way

and point me on what to share and say 

and in some small way try to repay

with gratitude the Blessings you bring each day