Sunday, April 9, 2017


there is an eternal promise

alive in the light that comes at dawn

 there is a song of the universe 

that lifts the soul to sing along

there is this great acceptance 

of the process of the play of dark and light

the learning of the lessons 

of what is wrong and right

and we hold the vision 

of the path we are to take

the best way to carry on

and bring more love into our life

the valleys lead us to the mountains 

and on the mountaintop we see

the purpose that we came here for

so we return back and let that be

we hold the promise and our purpose 

we watch for the glimmers of Gods light

as we journey ever onward

and do the best we can in life 

and we breathe in hope and pray 

we join with the force of God and awaken 

to have that presence here within us

as we fulfill the plan and the purpose it conveys