Sunday, July 15, 2018

leave the door open

to the place where you’ll now go

what’s left here on this Earth

are just the traces of your soul 

leave a thread of light behind

so we can follow the path of light

that Enlightens our ability to find

the simple purity of your true peace of mind

leave the doorway a little  open 

so we can see

glimpses of the higher realms of heaven

and the sounds of your spirits frequencies 

and if your memory lingers 

in the people that you’ve touched

let their thoughts of gratitude fly

on winds that the prayers flags that you touched

may your journey on 

be blessed by all you came to know 

for yours was the life of such Sweet soul 

so leave the gate a little open 

 as we send our love in a fond  farewell 

 to the resting place in heaven

In the higher realms where you now dwell