Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Lord said, listen, 
Listen to the symphony of life, 
For if you listen you can hear
 The heartbeat alive in each blessed breath of light, 
And the love that feeds its presence here. 
You can tune in to the pulse of humanity 
As it vibrates with each frequency so clear, 
The Earth is speaking to us in each moment, Through the water in the oceans, 
through the air, 
And all the creatures who abide here. 
If you listen you can hear 
The music of the universe, 
Alive in the energy, 
Alive throughout the spheres. 
You can hear the heartbeat of the cosmos 
As it dances with dark and light, 
Each star’s song is alive 
With its own destiny in life. 
The master answers your prayers, 
Although sometimes it’s hard to tell, 
But if you rest your head upon his chest, 
You may hear the heartbeat of love. 
Brilliant symphonies of life sounds, 
Sweet callings of each and every breath, 
Merge you with the harmony of the universe, 
As the song of life infinitely plays. 
Listen, listen for God’s energy, 
As it speaks freely in blessings that abound, 
In the heartbeat of the symphony of sounds, 
Alive in you as the music of love.