Thursday, July 26, 2018

deep into that sacred place of silence within. 
Rest in that place that carries the unspoken words, the place that is between the waves of emptiness beyond time and space. 
Let the soul commune with you 
the timeless wisdom of the ages 
that lives in the voice that God knows. 
It is the energy that you can’t help but see
; it is that energy that holds unconditional love. 
Let it bring that love with words unspoken 
that describe so clearly that you recognize 
that Spirit is in you and seeks to grow 
into this way to merge with that spark of the unknown. 
Now try to capture the sound of God, 
in the silence beyond the mind. 
Try to listen and to learn 
and to leave all effort behind. 
Jump into the waters of the stream 
that carry you to the distant shore, 
and say a prayer that it takes you where you need to go to complete this journey 
through eternity and more
Let the silence speak to you 
so you can set a compass to that sound 
that is the anthem of your life. 
Hear it sing of wishes, 
sing of dreams, and all the pain that living brings. Let it carry you to the space between the silence, where all those unspoken words take flight that are written somewhere on the wall of life