Wednesday, July 25, 2018

 Father of creation, Mother so divine, 
With you all things are possible. 
I call upon your brilliant light. 

Let me trust in you, Lord 
So I can trust in myself, 
So I may learn not to worry so 
And trust that things will be all right. 

I do the best I can, 
I work to do what's right 
And sometimes I find 
Whatever happens, happens, 
But I can find the strength to survive. 

In each and every moment 
I can choose to stop and see 
With you all things are possible 
If I trust with every breath I breathe. 

So I let go of any worry, 
I let go of whatever limits me, 
I open up my mind to find 
A higher way to be. 

Lord, with you all things are possible 
And miracles do appear, 
So I stop myself from worrying 
And I turn to God when fear appears

I allow the light to brighten 
The view of life I see 
And look for a positive outcome. 
When times seem hard, 
I pray for trust to let the best outcome be
 and to have the strength to just believe.