Thursday, October 11, 2018

we can’t control the way the world unfolds

but we can each do our part

we can vote and be the higher force

and speak the truth in our hearts

we can each believe

that there is a way to live in harmony 

no matter what that might take

to align with the light of our souls space 

we can adjust our thinking

and we can set our goal

on whatever it takes

to work together to overcome 

the wrongs of the past we’ve known 

we can imagine and believe

that we can make a difference 

and we can hope and pray

that humanity will grow each day

we may not be able to control

the tyrants in power and their huge egos 

and the lies of what they say 

but they will have to face the truth one day 

and we can make a difference 

and we can stay strong

and we can join with others 

and work with Gods love to become 

the light in the darkness that shines the way

and a force for good come what may