Friday, October 12, 2018

there is a white feather from heaven

that lies upon my alter place

it’s a little worn and torn 

from the fall and having to dwell

here in this dimension and form

It reminds me of the angels

as each morning I sit and meditate

and wait to hear the silent call

with echoes beyond the world 

that holds and binds us

the Holy Spirit sometimes hides in the wings

and when we’re stuck in our role

it whispers our forgotten lines 

and understands the deep longing 

that comes from the empty beggars bowl 

and this gravity that hold us down 

can not restrict our soul

and the dreams that often lead us

to a love that redeems and makes us whole

and sometimes a feather falls from heaven

and i watch for these little signs

the love letters from the Master

and songs that bring a smile

and I thank the Holy Spirit 

and grateful for each breath 

and I sense the next dimension merging

as I learn of the path that lies ahead