Monday, October 15, 2018

I heard the call of a thousand cranes

with a wind that cleared my mind

it came with a chariot of gold

and lifted my soul to heaven on high

my future self spoke to me

and whispered it’s alright 

the pains of this lifetime 

will fade one day 

as you merge into the light

the shadows and the doubts 

will not hold you back

your spirit will always be with you

and guide you to what’s right

and past is now 

and now is then

one mystic moment that unfolds

and we can love it all

and embrace the journey home

and a flock of angels watch over us 

although we never see

sometimes they are heard in the voice 

of a thousand cranes that speak 

and they dance in the wind

and they bless us with light

and if we open our heart and mind

we will find their presence in our life