Tuesday, October 16, 2018

there’s this Truth in pain, 
but still even through heartbreak 
there is a light remains
there is a candle lit in the souls name

there is this look 
that speaks from the truth
a look that cuts through 
the space we fill when we don’t know 
what we can say or do

we can talk to God and pray 
we can try to negotiate a way
to get some Grace and faith
but sometimes we fail
to see it’s out of our power
it’s all in God’s hands come what may
and this life is just a reflection 
a shadow of a kind of passion play

and this time we have passes by
til we come to the reckoning 
of all the how’s and why’s
we act our the plan of life

and the light that’s in the eyes
reaches out to say goodbye
souls touching souls 
til we understand the connection 
beyond this space and time 
there is a this love we can’t deny 
and it will forever through time survive