Thursday, October 25, 2018

sometimes we must face ourselves 
in order to make a change
and it can be hard to look
into the mirror of that reflection 
and see the traces of time with karmas name

and life may seem heavy sometimes 
or full of a magic light 
depending how we look at it
we can change the view we see
and our outlook of what is true 

whatever way we choose to be
will Determine what lessons we need
and the perception of reality 
to help us find a way for us to be free

we can’t limit what we learn
from the tests of life as the circle turns
but remember we are never alone 
on this journey we travel on

there are angels watching out 
though they may be hard to see
and the teacher is there for us 
to help us understand if we lose our trust 

and we can always take a break
from the drama of the human race
and go inside and pray 
and let Gods love guide us on the way