Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In a Blue sky two butterflies 

Dance in the spirits realm

And fly into the half moon

That is as white as the color of dreams 

In this moment I smile

And let the soul slip through

The many layers of being alive

for no safety net is needed

you are held by the force of life

you are set free by infinity

and don’t need anything

except to breathe 

and to totally believe 

a brave red bird 

comes and takes a peak

between two worlds we meet 

here where you speak

and remind me of dragonflies 

and winged ones who fly so high

across all time we reach

and watch for these mystic signs

til I feel you touch my mind 

and I stop and recognize 

this fleeting space is complete 

this magic montage of creations palette 

Where we live out our dreams

And find a deeper reality 

And See creators dream alive in everything