Thursday, November 15, 2018

we are on this sacred journey 
and while we spend our time on earth 
we seek the grace of a sanctuary 
where we can be rebirthed

we can be restored to innocence 
and find the joy of life
and find the faith to believe 
that everything will be alright

there is this sacred sanctuary
from the pain that’s here in life
it dwells within our soul
and we can let the sorrow go

we call upon our Angels 
and the masters at the door
we ask for Christ to save us
and find the real reason we’re living for

we all need to find a place of sanctuary 
that interior castle within 
where we can meet our maker 
and be restored again

find that sacred sanctuary 
that place where we can pray 
and we can listen to the truth
that awakens us to an enlightened way 

we all need a place of sanctuary 
a safe house where we can reside
so we can make some sense of it all
and dwell in Gods pure light