Friday, November 16, 2018

Lord, I ask you to be my guide

To help me give up the struggle and fight 

And release the ego and pride

So I can see the pure light that shines.

I let this joy that you hold

Be welcomed and alive in my soul

To bathe my body and heart with nectar divine 

The pure bliss of your love I can know.

My body, mind and emotions are aligned

And I accept all of myself and pray

I can be content, happy and joyful today

With just who I Am, whatever comes my way.

Lord, let me celebrate your glory in my life 

And any accomplishments I've made

To reflect the gifts you blessed me with 

And always so freely gave.

Lord and Mother Mary, 

let your Spirit in me shine 

And guide me each and every day

To be more loving and kind

To serve as you did to help humankind.

I thank you, Lord

For this body of mine

And I heal any judgments I've made

About trying to fit what the world displays.

I realize that I can enjoy who I Am. 

It's useless to try to fit in and pretend. 

Let me see through all illusion

So the power of your truth can win.

I inhabit this body for just a short while,

I make peace with myself and passing time And I love my true image whatever it holds,