Saturday, November 3, 2018

is the word of God even heard

in the sounds that you observe

can you find what creates 

the source of the listening curve

and that sacred music of the spheres 

is filtered by so many versions of truth

clothed the mystical thread of being 

that needs to be preserved to free you

from the chanting to the ranting 

from the marketing and the branding

and God now has been packaged

and is for sale online or in apps

in a payment plan for the masses 

while an agent takes the assets 

is the word of God still pure

with a love that understands the cure

with enough power to exist here

in the form that must perform in man

to survive in this life and overcome fear

to let the higher plan appear 

but you don’t have to pay to pray

and you can meditate each day

and you can hear the word of truth

all you have to do 

is listen to the silence 

and find God alive inside of you