Monday, November 5, 2018

In the Light of the new day 

All that you are is revealed. 

Nothing is hidden.

All is brought forth

To be offered to the fire that feeds

 The spark of the soul.

From the depths of the shadows, 

The secrets are revealed,

All the kindness, all the cruelty,

All the love and the hate is seen and known.

All is revealed in the Light of the new day

The dreamers awake to remember 

the Journey they did

To get them through the night.

We see their life as an offering, 

Grains of sand that have poured 

Through the hourglass of time.

This moment holds 

the Amazing Grace of understanding, 

That allows you to accept all that you are.

May the Eternal Flame of the Soul 

Burn with the Fire of Compassion, 

To remove the past pain.

May the rewards of the long journey 

Bring you to Love all in your life, 

And All that you are.

Accepting your life,

Accepting what you have learned

And accepting how you have loved.

And with this acceptance comes all the blessings,

The Love you have given , 

the Love you have received,

With the greatest gratitude for this life you have been given. 

You say "Thank-You, God!"