Wednesday, November 7, 2018

always here 

but not located anywhere

in a field of energy that appears 

a golden moon 

an angel reaching out a hand 

and bringing a vision of a cosmic flower 

of eternal light rooted in love

that stretches out to the stars 

and this existence that we knew

you are the gift of a flower

you are the vision that came 

with a love that obliterated all control

and felt bereft when you left

and yet you come in Spirit 

and your voice that is inside my head

and in the vision of the journey 

and the time here that’s now left

there was an unspoken promise 

a vow that once was made

a bow, a look, a touch 

a hug that you once gave

before you left this place

and I’m grateful 

oh so grateful 

for the visions and the love

that helps me carry on

and guides me from above 

yet you are here no longer

and in many ways you still appear 

and part of you lives on in me

and from this life you are now free

you are always in my memory 

and until somewhere in time we meet

I will leave my heart open

and find a way to believe 

you are here in the love 

that never leaves