Thursday, November 8, 2018

in this life behind the picture frame 

would I speak as you speak

would I act as you act

would I always be prepared 

no I can only be aware

of how I came to be here

and what I can’t ignore

the feelings seen behind closed doors 

I can allow myself to understand 

the reasons I need to explore 

this breath in space and form 

this life and so much more

 no matter how hard we try to control 

what our life is like

there comes a sacred time 

where we must truly let go

for life will always change 

and no matter how our minds 

will try to arrange and rearrange 

when part of life is deranged 

still there are forces we can’t contain 

so we must learn how to maintain 

the faith we need to sustain

So we find a way to turn the page 

and see the greater picture 

behind the picture frame