Saturday, December 8, 2018

After a lifetime of meditation 
It all comes back to what you do
With the blessings and illumination 
That guides you to get through

you can’t cover up
no mater how u try
the depths of who are
and that soul that lives inside

but how you live 
and how you act
should become more and more aligned
with the goodwill and the kindness
that reflects a higher state of mind

not to judge or hate
nor to be brought down
is carried as role 
on the path of light your on

it’s a long long journey 
it can take lifetimes to just be
a teacher that opens doors
for others to be free    

and when you feel so burdened 
by the challenges of life
you can turn unto the greatest teacher
the Christed one of light  

and within that teacher
the teachers teacher does reside
that same God within all things
is waiting for us there inside