Friday, March 1, 2019

there's a tone 
a resonance
when something happens 
that rings true 

there are ripples in the wavelengths
and in the frequencies 
that through this cosmos 
that find a way to reach you

there’s a certain energy
that carries the power to be
recognized in your heart and soul
and finds a way to be reached

and as we dance 
through waves of light 
there are echoes we can hear 
songs of love embodied 
by the Source and Presence here

 listen to the sound of truth
that is our lifeline
a bridge through time and space 
alive in throughput creation 
here in the atoms of our dna
beyond the words
we can embody this  truth 
that rings from the source
to resonate within you  

we can tune in 
to the creative frequency 
that is sounding forth
aligned to the universal mind 

in the beginning was the word 
can you listen to the power of that energy 
for the Word of God is still alive 
in the power of love eternally